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Petition - Bay Families with Dogs and Shell Island
To: Officials of Bay County and the coastal cities in Bay County
Sponsoring Organization: Bay Families with Dogs (bayfwd.org)
Date: July 3, 2007

The undersigned request that citizens who own dogs be provided with a way to enjoy the Gulf of Mexico in Bay County with our dogs. There are more than 40 dog beaches in the state of Florida. In neighboring Walton and Franklin counties, dogs are allowed on the beaches. Pet-friendly tourism is one of the fastest-growing travel-related industries, and will benefit the economy of local governments. Enjoying the beach and the water with the family dog is a legitimate form of recreation. Since the beaches of Bay County are for the public's use, we ask to have a way to pursue our chosen form of recreation. We pledge to be responsible public citizens by always cleaning up after our dogs, and by being respectful of other beach-goers. Additional information in support of this position can be found online at www.bayfwd.org.

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