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Petition - Bay Families with Dogs and Shell Island
To: Officials of Bay County, Florida and the State of Florida
Sponsoring Organization: Bay Families with Dogs (bayfwd.org)
Date: June 23, 2006

The undersigned request that citizens continue to be allowed to use Shell Island for our chosen form of recreation - enjoying the beach with our family dogs - as we have for generations.

The portions of Shell Island we use are remote and uninhabited, making them ideal for our recreational choice. Shell Island is over 1,000 acres in size, large enough to sustain various recreational pursuits in coexistence with other uses. We have proven over decades of use that we are responsible, peaceful, and that we are good stewards of the environment.

We seek a solution that recognizes our need and legally allows for it. Please support our request. Without your support, a freedom that many Bay County residents and visitors have cherished for generations will be taken away.

Additional information in support of this position can be found online at www.bayfwd.org.

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