Welcome to Bay Families with Dogs
Welcome to Bay Families with Dogs
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Hi everyone, I'm Xena. My page will bring you odds and ends from the pet world.

My bio:

Born - July, 1997 in Grenada, Southern Grenadines
Parents - Don't know, I was sort of abandoned (sniff)
Breed - Grenadian Registered Short Haired Rastafarian / Coconut Retriever Mix. Known throughout the Bahamas as a "potcake".
Early days - Cowering at the Grenada SPCA (thanks to them for saving me)
Turn of events - Adopted by nutty sailors (Bill and Stephanie)
First year - Spent romping on beaches throughout the Caribbean
Embarrassing secret - I barfed on St Barts (The Dad-Person cleaned it up, he wasn't happy)
Favorite food - Ol'Roy or anything balanced on my nose
Favorite pastimes - Sleeping, running on the beach with my family, eating scraps, swimming, belly rubs, the beach, did I mention sleeping?
Position Statement - Mostly lying on my side, but I'll sit on command. I love being on our boat and I especially love it when they put MY boat (the dinghy) in the water. How come I can't go lately? I mean, sheesh, what's up with that?

Xena: 1997 - 2010
Xena was the reason Bay Families with Dogs was formed. Her love of Shell Island, and how happy it made her family, was the catalyst for the fight to keep our access. Xena's Corner will be kept active by Bay Families with Dogs staff in her memory.
View the tribute video, "In Memory of Xena"


Quotes and poems about us. Couldn't have said it better: (click to open pdf)

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  • Dogs are trained to go into combat with our soldiers, risking their lives to protect their human companions.
  • Bomb sniffing dogs help prevent massive loss of life at airports.
  • Search and rescue dogs are trained to locate victims of all manner of natural disasters, from avalanches to earthquakes to floods.
  • Seeing eye dogs provide people without sight the gift of freedom and dignity in their lives.
  • Therapy dogs provide comfort to the sick, the aged and the terminally ill, giving them a reason to smile in their darkest moments.
  • After the attacks of September 11, search dogs were used for days to comb the rubble, and though their paws were slashed by jagged debris, they never refused to continue.
Doesn't a creature of this incredible loyalty and courage deserve to play at the beach with its family?

- William A. Gavin, Jr. September 2006

If you have something interesting for me to post, send it to me at [email protected]. I'll have my review committee look it over!